AutekBio Launches International Marketing Campaign at BPI 2014
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AutekBio, Inc., China’s first biologics CDMO, kicks off its international marketing campaign at the IBC BioProcessing International Conference on October 20, 2014 in Boston. AutekBioparticipated in the Exhibition as part of the Emerging Marketplace Pavilion.

The BioProcess International (BPI) Conference & Exhibition is the #1 meeting place” for industry to connect and share technical, scientific and strategic innovations across all phases of bioprocess development. With over 1600 attendees, 160 speakers and 150 exhibitors, it is the largest gathering of bioprocessing and biomanufacturing professionals in the world.

AutekBio,Inc. is abiopharmaceuticalcontractdevelopment and manufacturingcompany specializing in the production of therapeutic proteins and antibodies frommammaliancell culture.With a strong service track record and world-class technology platform,AutekBiois uniquely positioned to be your trusted partner to advance your biologics drug development “from DNA to NDA”.


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